Do you have a Local SEO strategy and a separate
Organic SEO strategy?

There’s an incredible amount of SEO professionals, including many agencies, that believe an overall SEO strategy covers both. It does not! It’s best to have 2 separate strategies for maximum success. We fully develop 2 in-depth strategies and monitor them both individually. This is one way we can improve any business online, by viewing both as independent entities you develop skills for finding improvement opportunities, items forgotten and items missed.

Google Maps Rank Report

The above visual is what we can do for you. The number in the middle is what place you are, the goal is green!

This is an in-depth rank report which pulls live data straight from Google’s servers with a unique API. It allows us to see individual rankings so we can monitor
our hard work improving you. In the report we send you, each dot is a half-mile apart for a total of 9 miles, your store directly in the middle. This will be a
still shot of your current rankings and will be a slightly larger grid than the one you see here. You will see exactly how well you pull up and how far you
pull up. A rank report will be one aspect of a monthly report sent to you for monitoring improvement. For a free rank report showing your current
status for a particular keyword, please fill out the form below. You should receive the custom report in 15 minutes to an hour.

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An effective and successful solution for every business and budget!

Custom Designed Branding Website

  • $150 per page
  • $25 month (H + M)
  • Responsive on all devices!
  • Certain pages free

Custom Designed Wordpress Website

  • $100 per page
  • $45 month (H + M)
  • Responsive on all devices!
  • Certain pages free

Google Maps Upgrade

  • High Google Maps impact
  • All accounts optimized
  • Monthly reporting
  • *Free 1 page website design

Local SEO and Organic SEO

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Weekly or monthly reporting
  • Builds brand credibility & reach

*Free one page Google website design with purchase of Google Domain and a Google Maps Upgrade. (H+M) = Hosting + Maintenance

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