UPGRADE your presence!

A Google Maps Upgrade is a great investment for:

  • Any local or national business and organization.

  • Any Google Maps presence and/or Website Presence.

  • Businesses with a lower budget can have a simple website and an incredible Google Maps Presence.
    (Free Google 1 page website design)

This is an incredible option for every business or organization looking to move up in overall Google Maps and search engine rankings. The pricing is ideal and will work perfectly for an owner-operator type business that isn’t ready to build a more advanced presence. This is also the foundation for all our SEO strategies. It grows your footprint immensely, and depending on your competitors, it will help you compete and gain massive exposure.

Here’s how Google Maps works:

Think of your Google Maps account as a tree and you’re entering a tree growing and trimming contest. Google is the judge. If your competitors have trimmed their tree better and grow a better root system, Google will place them ahead of you in almost all cases. This option grows your root system immensely. The same analogy applies to SEO, with your website as the tree.

If you were to only do this option at first, your next step would be to build a more elaborate website. The website will grow your root system more and will start factoring in the tree trimming. From that point, you would do a monthly SEO strategy to continue your growth. The overall goal is to become better in every aspect than your competitors who are taking your top positions.

What to expect…

  • Google Domain, Email, Suite Setup (if needed)

  • Google Maps and Search Optimization

  • Google’s Maps, Local 3 Pack, Local Finder Integration

  • Voice Search Optimization

  • Social Signals & Bookmarking Optimization

  • Bing Maps & Search Optimization

  • Apple Business Optimization

  • Facebook Business Page Setup/Optimization

  • Yelp & Pinterest Business Optimization

  • Customized Data Center Entry!

  • High Tech Rank Report and Monthly Analysis Reports

  • Free 1 page Google website setup and design. (optional)

  • Already have some of these? We optimize or setup everything.

Special Features…

  • High Tech Rank Report and Monthly Analysis Reports

  • Voice Search Optimization

  • In-depth Master SEO strategy applied to all platforms

  • Customized Data Center Entry

    • These are hidden high value information hubs used by most national companies, government agencies, search engines and other major corporate entities to verify information as truly accurate. Most businesses don’t know about these hubs and search engines rely on them! There’s an extremely good chance your competitors won’t be listed on them.

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