Two very powerful
SEO enhancement plans

Google Maps UPGRADE – $495

This UPGRADE makes your Google Maps entity unbelievably powerful. This plan is combined with our SEO strategies. Free one-page website design if needed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – $200+

We specialize in Organic SEO and Local SEO. A properly designed website and SEO is the most powerful business marketing you can do.

3 Tier SEO strategy – Some businesses need one and some need all three.

Google Maps UPGRADE – Yearly strategy

This yearly strategy is essential to any monthly SEO strategy we offer. It is a foundation for growing your footprint across the web. We connect you to an incredible amount of platforms that help to build your overall relevance, prominence and reach. When your business gets specially optimized and verified on these specific platforms your reach and trust factor will grow in search engines and placement. Learn more…

Local SEO – Monthly strategy

A Local SEO strategy is very powerful and is absolutely necessary for a local business. Mobile search has taken over with many industries showing 70%+ of their website traffic as mobile traffic, which makes a location-based business found primarily on Google Maps. Having a number one spot on Google Maps can give you as much as 60%+ of the traffic for that particular keyword. Placing in the local 3 pack is the overall goal of any Local SEO strategy with the top spot being the gold. We lay out a strategy to get you to the top 3, then another for the top spot. It all depends on your competition and how many terms you’d like to pull up for.

Organic SEO – Monthly strategy

Organic traffic is all links below the Google Maps local 3 pack on the home page of Google and beyond. An Organic SEO strategy is generally an attempt to pull up as the number one spot in many different search results for many keyword variations. In order to do this effectively, you must develop your website in a way that supports your Organic SEO strategy. This strategy is primarily used when the goal is to pull up for competitive or multiple keywords. You build your overall website or many pages specifically for your keywords then support every page individually with on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

We price Local SEO and Organic SEO separately; they can be very different strategies and need proper time and reporting dedicated to each individually.

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