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We are certified SEO and Local SEO professionals. We specialize in developing and implementing highly effective and successful SEO strategies on local, national, and international levels. With 12 years of experience ranking websites, we can help you create a powerful strategy that not only boosts your rankings in the search engines but also generates more page views, engagements and leads.

Search Engine Optimization is vital if you want to be found well in search results and it’s incredibly rewarding. However, it is very important you understand that SEO, for the most part, is a long term strategy. Placement speed and overall coverage depend highly on your competition, current presence, time online, and of coarse who you partner with. In general, SEO helps Local SEO but primarily helps Organic search results. Most of what is described here is about overall SEO and Organic SEO. A Local SEO strategy is also essential, you definitely need 2 separate strategies to gain the top spots.

Technical SEO…

Technical SEO is the process of making sure that your website is fully compatible with search engines so that it can be indexed and crawled properly. A new website with us will be technically sound however your current website may not be, a website audit may find issues with site speed, content quality, device optimization, broken links, security and robot.txt. These issues can have a huge impact on your SEO strategy.

On-Page SEO…

On-Page SEO is the practice of optimizing HTML source code and content on a web page so you can rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. Great content supplies a demand then triggers an action, which helps your company prosper and grow. Site Architecture, where you place the content, is also an enormous factor and should be a major focus in development. In addition to the SEO, content not only builds credibility with your customers but trust as well.

Off-Page SEO…

Off-Page SEO is very important for Local SEO and Organic SEO. It is where you gain credibility from other sources to enhance your trustworthiness, relevance and overall authority. Sources may be powerful websites, directories, blogs and other entities with good standing, high traffic and popular content. This is a tricky and difficult aspect of SEO and the sources can change dramatically for Local SEO strategies and Organic SEO strategies.

SEO Tracking and Reports…

It’s simple, we measure then improve! Analytics, geogrid tracking and reporting are crucial components that help us navigate to success with Local SEO and Organic SEO. Our SEO abilities are empowered by a specially developed geogrid and analytics software that gives us extremely detailed insights and custom monthly reporting for all aspects of SEO. As a business owner, it’s vital to see progress and insight so can judge the worthiness of the strategies implemented.

What to Expect…

  • Company and Industry Research

  • Extensive Competition Research

  • FREE Heat Map Analysis

  • FREE recording of viewer traffic on website.

  • Keyword and Phrase Research

  • Technical SEO Strategy

  • On-Page SEO Strategy

  • Off-Page SEO Strategy

  • Site Architecture Strategy

  • Navigation Strategy

  • Backlinks Research and Strategy

  • Weekly or Monthly Performance Reports

  • Detailed, Tireless Work Ethic!

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