Two fully responsive and
professional website options

Custom Branding Website – $350+

This website is ideal for many types of businesses especially budget savvy businesses. Includes do it yourself image and blog management.

Custom WordPress Website Options – $1200+

WordPress is ideal for extreme SEO strategies, enhanced functionality, and complete do it yourself editing and management.

Analogies can be helpful when describing the differences between the two website types.

Website Design Analogy 1

Think of our Branding Website as a new economical car, like a Toyota Corolla or Chevy Cavalier. A new WordPress Website is more like a Jeep, diesel truck, and Ferrari in one. Both are very professional and customized for a beautiful web presence however, with WordPress we have much more design freedom, functionality and overall abilities, plus extreme SEO capabilities. It all depends on your purpose and goals.

Website Design Analogy 2

Think of the 3 little pigs and their 3 houses 🙂 . Our Google Maps Upgrade plan could be the straw house, our Branding Website the wood house, and our WordPress website the brick house. Everything comes down to your purpose and whether you want to compete with your competitors. If you are looking to compete and your competitors have brick houses, you likely need a brick house to match or beat them.

If you are looking to compete in a competitive arena, it is vital to combine the Google Maps Upgrade with a monthly SEO strategy for success, however in some cases, you can simply use the Google Maps Upgrade combined with a free Google website design for the results you desire. We can advise you on your best option with a free consultation and by viewing your current online presence and competition. Why purchase a WordPress website if you can have success with a cheaper professional website.

Website Enhanced Functionality

With a WordPress website enhanced functionality integration may include business management systems, ADA compliance, ordering, appointments, forums, memberships, etc. It is very important to note that some of these special functionalities can be used with 3rd party platforms which will allow you to purchase our cheaper Branding Website versus building them into a WordPress Website.

(If these 2 options are currently out of reach, the Google Maps Upgrade Plan includes a Free 1 Page Website Design with purchase of Domain.)

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