Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-09-07T03:19:07-07:00
How does content for the website work?2020-09-11T22:56:44-07:00

There are two options for content. You can write the content (free) or we can have a professional writer write the content. A professional writer can cost between $50 to $160 per page. It depends on the amount, strategy and expertise. We screen all content to make sure it is fully unique online. Google punishes duplicate content severely. In fact, if you decide to go with a different web designer make sure they do the same.

How do images for the website work?2020-09-11T23:23:50-07:00

We have a library with over 200 million professional images. You can provide some or all of the images, or we can hire a professional photographer. Some images may be needed from you for a particular layout, such as a personal online photo.

How does hosting work with you?2020-09-11T23:15:12-07:00

For WordPress websites, you can own the hosting account or use our hosting account. We host with WPEngine and only work with WPEngine. Hosting with us will be $45 per month which includes maintenance. If you host with your own account, it will be $45 for maintenance plus an additional $25, for a total of $70 per month. With a Branding Website, you host with us. In both cases, if you host with us then decide to depart at some point, we will transfer you to your own account. We place this in our simple contracts for your protection.

What is hosting a domain mean?2020-09-11T23:18:17-07:00

Hosting is a service that allows you to post a website or web page onto the Internet. Hosting is the theater where you put on your play.

What does it mean to register a domain?2020-09-07T02:38:51-07:00

Registration is letting everyone know it’s yours. You purchase the rights of the domain on Google, Godaddy, etc.. This means you own it but need to house it somewhere. It’s the actaul “play” in the theater.

Is it impotent to own my domain?2020-09-07T01:28:57-07:00

Crucial!!! We purchase all domains in Google and prefer to transfer domains to Google, however, this is not required.

Is it important to own my website?2020-09-11T23:08:23-07:00

Yes. Technically you will own the “rights” to the domain and the content. You will also own the images or image licenses. With us you are in control and can receive login credentials.

Do you require a contract?2020-09-07T03:00:06-07:00

Every project is different. We prefer to have a contract for most projects. They are not needed for every project. If a contract is offered for our services it will be very general and easy to understand. We generally do a website contract to protect the finalization of the agreed-upon project and to protect you and your ownership of the work. With SEO we prefer a 9 – 12 month contract, giving enough time for an extremely competitive SEO strategy to execute properly, however this is not absolutely required.

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