A quick overview of our solutions and pricing:

Our goal is to literally have an option for every business and every budget. In our eyes being online with a website and practicing SEO is the best marketing investment you can make. In each paragraph below, plus at the bottom of the page, there are paths to more in-depth details about each option.

Free Website

General Price range: Free design

Free, very simple, one page Google website with the purchase of a Google domain and a Google My Business account. You can do this yourself, or we will set up and design when you purchase our Google Maps UPGRADE. You will learn more about this SEO strategy after you read about the websites below, or learn specifics now.

Branding Website

General Price Range: $400 – $800   |   Ecommerce – $900 – $1800+

We custom design a professional website layout for you, your company, or organization. We research your competitors and your overall industry then we or you choose a layout that is best suited for your goals. Any layout can work for your website. Monthly SEO is generally $200 a month. Learn specifics.

WordPress Website

General Price Range: $1700 – $3000   |   Ecommerce – $3500 – $8000+

A WordPress Website is an amazing investmant and marketing tool. The primary reason you would choose our WordPress Website over our Branding website is SEO. SEO Capabilities are endless with WordPress, you are able to compete with anyone. Other reasons for investing in a WordPress Website would be the need for special functionality and unique design requirements.

Monthly SEO is generally $400+ a month. Learn Specifics.

SEO yearly strategy

Price: $495 annually

Our Google Maps UPGRADE is a powerful SEO strategy designed to be used solely, or with an ongoing monthly SEO strategy. It is an extremely powerful online foundation built for your business and includes monthly reporting, plus a do it yourself guide for your online future.
Learn specifics.

SEO monthly strategy

Price: $200+ (price depends on competition)

SEO is an incredible tool to get found online, in fact, we believe it’s the best. There are 2 main focuses or strategies when it comes to Search Engine Optimization; Local SEO and Organic SEO. Most people, even other SEO’s, are unaware that there are actaully 2 algorythms, one for Google Maps/Local SEO and the other for Organic search. This means that you need a very specific strategy to claim the number one spot. The price we quote you will depend highly on your competition. In fact your competition will determine whether you need both strategies or just one. Competitive industries generally need both strategies wheras smaller companies can concentrate solely on Google Maps. We quote and monitor these strategies separately with custom reporting for each. Learn specifics.

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